Adelaide International School offers students the opportunity to take an alternative path to placement at university.

Students can take an alternative path at Adelaide International School

Are you struggling at school? Unsure if you will attain the TER you need to enter University?

Students who enrol for SACE Stage 1 and 2 at AIS are eligible to also participate in our certificate  3 & 4 Business stream.

The stream gives students the chance to study business and give them an insight to their future.

The course will also help the students by ensuring they have a place at University via certain streams.

Why you should apply

  • Complete SACE 1 & 2 along side Business Certificate
  • Get an advantage when applying for university
  • Ensure your spot once you Graduate at either Adelaide Uni or Flinders
  • Travel overseas at the same time

Whats needed

  1. Complete year 9 & 10
  2. Willingness to learn and expand your studies
  3. Attitude to succeed

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