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English Tests essential for ELICOS students

The Education Minister introduced these new measures in a conference at Hobart.

Further testing will be required for students who come to Australia to study as new frameworks are being instituted by the Australian Government.

The scheme will be introduced in 2018 to test students English ability.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham informed the public of the forthcoming changes on Thursday and will instal new standards for students from 2018 onwards.

English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students or ELICOS for short is used as a pathway for students to enter study at either the secondary or tertiary level.

According to the minister, the government wishes to increase the language capability of students to benefit not only themselves personally but professionally.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham Discuss Elicos

As quoted by ABC radio:  the education Minister had the following to say:

“We know there are a number of anecdotal instances, that you hear of students not being able to fully participate in group work or struggling through the class work that is set for them,”

“It is essential for those international students and for the domestic students who they ultimately study alongside in our universities, TAFEs or other education providers that they have the English language skills to succeed.”

ELICOS courses require twenty face to face contact hours per week, with almost 60,000 enrolled in the course furthering their study in higher educational courses.

Adelaide International School abides and encourages these standards for its international cohort who utilise it to enter SACE, and eventually vocational or higher education courses upon graduation.

Students will benefit from an increase of these standards as they will be able to better integrate into Australian society, expand their networks socially and professionally, as well as making the path to finding work easier.