Cloud Class Schedule

Class schedule

Most of our face to face teaching of the full-time online courses will take place between 10am CST and 5pm CST. Thus 8.30 to 3.30 in China and 7am to 2pm in Vietnam.
Students will have access to resources required for their offline assignment work 24/7.
Additional tutoring support is available on the weekend by negotiation and at an additional cost.
AIS will attempt to meet the needs of students in relation to evening and weekend classes if required but this is dependent upon teacher availability. Course delivery could take place in school times or in negotiation with each country after careful consideration of local and international time differences.
Online teaching programs fall within Australian school terms. Students may need to be online at least once per day; however individual learning may be adapted to suit student needs.
Below is an example of the timetable we are using for the students who are currently at AIS and are studying online. The Cloud Campus Timetable would be individualised for each participant.