AIS Cloud Campus Overview

What is AIS Cloud Campus?

AIS Cloud Campus is an education project providing distance education and online education. The aim of the AIS Cloud Campus is to offer students remote learning program without being on campus physically. Different to the general online learning which limits to the visual recording, AIS Cloud Campus offers visual Face-to-face interaction with students and live teaching.

Students can complete 100% of courses online and get access to high schools with their main courses.

AIS Online EAP Courses (English for Academic Purposes Courses)

EAP-Primary online (Preparatory and bridging course)a full-time subject based English language acquisition course to assist in the admission into AISA Primary schools.

EAP-Secondary online (Preparatory and bridging course)a full-time subject based English language acquisition course to assist in the admission into AISA Secondary Colleges and Schools.

EAP- Primary & Secondary online (Improvement course)a part-time language acquisition program for improving English literacy.

The full-time courses will significantly decrease the amount of time that a student will need to spend in AIS when they arrive in Adelaide. Indeed, many graduates from the AIS online program may be able to join their AISA school directly.   



Why choose an AIS Education

  • AIS teachers are specialists in the teaching of English language to non-native speakers. They are a dedicated team and use quality techniques to deliver their online programs. 
  • English for Primary and Secondary School Preparation programs are designed for the students who have limited language proficiency. AIS offers a packaged enrolment including English pathway, EAP, SACE Preparation and SACE programs for students. 
  • AIS works with AISA schools, which have their own unique history and culture reflected in the education of their students including academic, music, sports etc. All AISA Secondary Colleges and Schools offer SACE, additionally some offer the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP), the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the IB Diploma Programme (IB DIP) as well.
  • Most AISA schools accept the EPET, delivered by AIS, as their preferred English language assessment. They recognize the EPET is more flexible, timely (results are available within 5 working days), and less time consuming and stressful for students. The EPET provides a good indication of how the student uses language for the types of work they will do in Australian classrooms. The EPET can be delivered face to face or online based on the student’s location.
  • AIS Cloud Campus students will complete an EPET before they commence and when they conclude their studies.
  • AIS utilizes EPET and English language programs to assist students identify an appropriate pathway including a suitable destination school.
  • AIS provides agents and parents with up to date information about AISA schools.
  • After completing the SACE, AIS and AISA students can choose to study at universities worldwide.

Difference between the learning in AIS Cloud Campus and the Adelaide City Main Campus


AIS Adelaide Main Campus

AIS Adelaide Cloud Campus
Attendance Students physically attend classes at the campus Students access visual classroom and teacher anywhere in the world with suitable internet access
Learning Environment Face-to-face learning interation in the campus Visual interaction and learning via remote education
Teaching Staff Same
Course Content Same
Textbooks and other Learning Material Same
Student Support Personalised support Personalised support plus extra care with remote learning students, including online student utoting and supervison.
Assesment and Exam Same
Learning Outcomes Same
Educaiton Pathways Same

Online Teaching Methodology and Assessment

Currently AIS are delivering a mixture of group and individual online lessons.
Primary students are predominantly taught one on one or to a family group for two short periods each day. The teacher sets a variety of tasks to be followed up in the next one on one session. Teachers use online resources and direct students to use them.

Work is set to be done offline and activities are prepared by teachers on Canvas and students access as directed. Work is submitted online through the school’s Learning Management System, Canvas.

Some parental supervision is required for the offline lessons as children of this age lose focus very quickly.

Lower and upper secondary school lessons are predominantly taught to the whole group although there are limited one to one teacher to student opportunities.
In all online EAP courses teachers use a variety of methods of assessment to predict student achievement. From time to time an online EPET type activity will occur to enable staff to judge overall progress against the EPET criteria. When presenting online group lessons the teacher establishes an ‘online’ teaching room to which students join. Teachers have touch screen computers and so can interact both verbally and electronically with students.

Students are expected to be logged in on time and be dressed in the clothes that they would normally wear to AIS. Students should be seated at a desk or a table when online.

Primary students should be in communal space and supervised by parents when online.

The AIS Cloud Campus Prospectus can be viewed in English and Chinese (中文).