Why Choose AIS Cloud Campus?

Why choose AIS Cloud Campus?

AIS cloud campus is particularly important to students who do not want to miss the deadline of AISA schools’ 2021 enrolment. Students can complete AIS Cloud Campus Courses to support their enrolment for Australian High Schools. Students will have the benefits of (1) flexible time allocation; (2) saving overseas living cost by choosing AIS cloud campus (3) highly qualified and trained staff and (4) reasonable pricing.

Importantly, AIS Cloud Campus contributes to managing the following circumstances that are restricting students from physically attending the AIS Adelaide City Campus:

  1. Visa issues that are restricting international students from entering Australia on time.
  2. Natural disasters and any other unpredictable crisis, such as the COVID19 outbreak.
  3. Personal safety, health concern or family issues that hinder international students travel overseas.
  4. Students want to experience Australian education in advance and save time.

What can students obtain at AIS Cloud Campus?

Online Study at AIS Cloud Campus

AIS Cloud learning enables students to learn from the comfort of their own home. Lessons can be live, taped or in video conferencing mode. Emails and phone calls may also be used to support student learning. Online resources such as videos, web quests, research engines and a host of online tools support student learning. Class sizes are small and all AIS staff are trained in online delivery. Online learning is fun, informative and meets qualification requirements.


AIS Cloud Campus is based on the Canvas System. AIS uses a combination of MS TEAMS, Canvas and OneNote in the delivering of courses. Teachers and trainers will upload learning materials (files, videos, and online forum) on the Canvas System. Students can access the course content 24/7.  AIS also provides free on call IT assistance to help you connect to our learning platforms and assist you with any problems if they arise.  

Interaction with teachers and personalized student support

Our teachers adopt a differentiated approach to their teaching which means that individual student programs are personalised to meet your learning needs. Your learning is also supported in one to one session. Students can access academic and ICT support at designated times.

Academic support

As face to face lessons are interactive students can have their questions answered in real time. Questions outside of these times can be lodged on Canvas and teachers will respond in a timely fashion. One to one consultation can be arranged, by negotiation, with academic staff.

Student Support and Expectations

Students are supported in their learning with regular feedback and assessment. In the secondary program, students are responsible for their own learning and treated as adult learners. Greater scaffolding and support is provided for the younger students.

All students are expected to be on time, well dressed and prepared for their online lessons. Set homework should be completed and full attention is expected during online learning.

Education pathway

Students who study at the AIS Cloud Campus EAP Courses (English for Academic Purposes Courses) can move to the AIS City Campus or an AISA school or College to complete the SACE.

SACE graduates can continue their studies at well renowned universities around the world.

In summary, after AIS EAP Course graduation at Year 10 level students have the following choices:

  • Enrolment at an AISA school Alliance School for Year 11/12 SACE or IB Diploma
  • Study SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) (Stage 1 /Stage 2 at AIS.
  • Study at other high schools in Adelaide
  • Study a Vocational Education and Training Course at Adelaide Institute of Business and Technology.
  • Study a university preparation diploma course at Adelaide Institution of Business and Technology