School Scholarships

Scholarships now available for domestic students!

Each year the Adelaide International School offers a select number of school scholarships to students partially covering the tuition fees for SACE Stage 1 (Year 11) or Stage 2 (Year 12) levels of study.

Year 11 students are encouraged to apply for scholarships for 2018 with 50% of tuition fee covered.

Domestic Students

Scholarships for Year 11 and Year 12 SACE are available for domestic students who are interested in gaining a global advantage once they complete their studies.

AIS encourage students and parents to get in contact with the school to discuss scholarship positions.

International Students

International students are eligible to apply for scholarships for their studies at Adelaide International School. Adelaide International School offers considerable scholarships to students who wish to apply.

Students and their parents should get in contact with the school to discuss scholarship positions.

School scholarships are available to students based on achievement, commitment to studies, the rate of progress and citizenship values demonstrated.

Previous school reports, references, school interview and, for international students, evidence of diagnostic language assessment are used to support application for scholarships.

In addition, financial, socio-economic and compassionate circumstances will be considered.

Both domestic and international students are eligible for these scholarships.

Students are encouraged to contact the school to register their interest and initiate the process.

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