Student Support

AIS Student Support

Looking after student well being

Succeeding in your studies is a lot easier if you feel happy, safe and supported.

At AIS we recognise the value for each child to grow both academically and personally to participate fully in community and life-long learning.

Most importantly AIS wants students to be principled, open-minded and caring people valuing reflection and making balanced decisions.

The AIS site supports protective practices for child safe environments.

Pastoral Care
In pursuit of educating the whole child, Adelaide International School provides a Pastoral Care programme for each year level. AIS understands the unique needs of high school students. The aim of the Pastoral Care Programme is to assist students’ personal and emotional development and well-being. Pastoral care teachers facilitate contact between students, parents, home-stay families, International Student Co-ordinator, Counsellor, subject teachers and the Principal.

The aims of Pastoral Care at AIS are:

  • To develop language skills for communicating about Pastoral Care
  • To develop students’ social and emotional well-being
  • To develop awareness of and promote safe behaviours
  • To cultivate respectful relationships
  • To foster increasing independence, responsibility and awareness of one’s place in the world.
  • To prepare students for the next phase of their lives by providing forum and explicit teaching of age appropriate issues related to emotional, social and physical health.

A separate Tutorial period is set aside for students to work with teachers for counsel and/or individual subject assistance. Students might need clarification or additional help in a specific area or be seeking ways to extend their learning. From Monday to Thursday students can also choose to take part in the Homework Club, which provides extra supervised time after formal lessons have finished.

The International Student Co-ordinator supports international students in homestay, schooling, transport and facilitates communication between teachers, parents, homestay parents and the school.

AIS refers students to external experts in social, educational and emotional support when needed.